Nikola Lucic

He graduated from the Medical High School in Čačak, majoring in Physiotherapeutic Technician, in 2015. He graduated from the High Health and Sanitary School of Vocational Studies "Visan" in Belgrade in 2018 and acquired the title of professional Physiotherapist. He completed specialist vocational studies of the second degree in the field of modern manual methods and techniques in physiotherapy at the Academy of Vocational Studies in Belgrade in 2019 and acquired the title of Specialist Physiotherapist with an average grade of 9.56.

Postgraduate education and training completed:

  • Authorized massage school "Proffesional", author Peđa Filipović
  • Specialized Wellness and Spa concept of the massage school "Proffesional"
  • Dry Needling (REHAINTEGRO Poland)
  • PENS (Percutaneus electronerv stimulation) ,(B.Gardasevic,Norway)
  • Spinal Manipulations - (Prof. Juan José Boscá, Spain)
  • Mulligan, Mulligan Concept Teacher's Association
  • Spinal and Peripherial Maniplulation Course,David Lintonbon (Integrted Manual Medicine UK,London)
  • Physiotherapy in dizziness and vertigos, (Instema,Valencia,Spain)

Lecture held:

  • Diagnostic methods in manual therapy II", UDFS, Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad, 2021.
  • Manual techniques in lumbar pain,National congress of health workers of Serbia,Esculap,Zlatibor 2023.

Work experience:

  • Internship at the Clinic for Rehabilitation "Dr Miroslav Zotović" lasting 6 months, 2019;
  • Rehabilitation clinic "MANUAL physical therapy", Belgrade 2020.