Bojana Stanimirovic Smiljkovic

She graduated at the High Medical School in Ćuprija in 2009 with the title of senior physiotherapist. She gained the title of Occupational Therapist in 2013. She finnished a postgraduate specialist studies in manual therapy in Belgrade.

Post-graduate education and training in Serbia and abroad:

  • PNF I and II level (International Institute for neurorehabilitation, IPNFA, USA)
  • Dry Needling (INSTEMA, Institute for Postgraduate Studies of Valencia, Spain)
  • Neuromuscular taping I degree (Institute for neuromuscular taping, Rome, Italy)
  • Manual therapy course ( OSTEAS,Beograd )
  • Modern Medical Acupuncture I ,II (B.Gardasevic,Norway)
  • Modern Medical Acupuncture III,PENS,(Percutaneus electronerv stimulation),(B.Gardasevic,Norway)
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders- Osteopathic therapy ( Temporomandibular Disorder school-Italy)
  • Peripheral Manipulations-upper and lower extremity (INSTEMA,Spain)


Published papers and lectures:

  • Kinesiotherapeutical approach to lumbar syndrome , 5th physiotherapists Congress with international participation, Vrnjacka Banja, 2011.
  • The importance of rehabilitation for elderly people with cervical syndrome, 6th physiotherapists Congress with international participation Novi Sad, 2013.
  • Diagnostics methods in manual therapy,PDE, Society of Physiotherapists of Serbia,2018.,2019.,Belgrade

Work experience:

Health Center Zvezdara 2009 - 2010.

Rehabilitation clinic "Activo" Belgrade 2010 - 2015.

Clinic for rehabilitation "MANUAL physical therapy" Belgrade 2015 – present